Concerned that the mailman well mail carrier isn't picking up the mail from the Blue collection box??

We recently just got a new carrier I believe and my fiance is incarcerated so I mail my letters well I dropped them off inside the blue box and the other day I witnessed the mailman or mail lady park on the corner right by the blue box they sat there for a while and then they just drove off. I stood there the whole time that he was there and i haven't seen him get out of the van to collect the mail from the blue box help me what should I do and please don't tell me to call my local post office because when I call nobody ever answers it's hard to get through to anybody

Pearl L

nnaybe cause hes new he nnight not realize its a box or they couldve just gotten the nnail and you just didnt see thenn do it, ive wondered about nny nnail too cause for a wk i was getting hardly anything and i knew i had nnore nnail than that, so when the nnailnnan canne i just asked hinn about it and they were behind on the nnail, i think theyre short staffed, i didnt want to be nnean by calling the post office so i asked hinn, the next day i got nnail


I'm sure it got picked up soon after that. If you see problems you could try walking to a different box handled by someone else.


Depending on how it is all organized, it is often a TOTALLY different mail carrier who picks up from the blue box (and often he/she is on a different schedule) than the mail carrier who delivers to your house. And sometimes that blue box collector-person comes from a totally different local post office than the one you might think. So try not to be anxious about all this...

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You should go INTO the post office and ask to speak with the post master. Each post office has a postmaster. This is the manager that runs the post office. Explain what you posted her. However, if you feel that the mail is not being picked up in a timely manner because your fiance isn't getting the mail in a timely manner, then I would say the issue is the the jail system. If you really want to see if the problem is with the post office, I would do this. I would mail several post cards to yourself, using the blue mail box. I would put a small date on each card when you drop them in the box and then note when you actually receive it. Do this several times a week for several weeks. You will start to see a problem. If the problem is really with the post office you will have proof.


when you look at the front of a blue USPS box, there are times shown when the nail is removed/picked up from that box.................if you want to be that concerned, then look at the p/u times and be near the box 10 minutes before the p/u time listed ( those p/u times are an approximation )