Has anyone ever bought an auto, from ebay? It sounds like a scam.?

I have been looking for an RV van, and either it is a project where I might have to put in a new engine, or the frame has a major leak problem. or some combo of both. Or they are selling it from across country. LA, AZ, Utah,or Florida. they are usually a widow,or a daughter, of a parent,grand parent, or the mom of a daughter or son who died, of cancer, or in the Military. and they live in another state, sold they had it rapped,and ready to ship to a buyer. by E bay. Supposedly I am supposed to send the $2000 - $5000 to E-bay and they send me the RV and I have 5 days to have it checked out by a mechanic ,and supposedly if it does not pass, the check, I can send it back, at no expense,and get a full refund. Is this a scam?

Girlie Electrics

if you buy an automobile from a private seller on ebay, you pick up in person. everything else is a scam.

Wayne Z

All scams. The scammers lift photos from other pages and try to trick people into sending money. The "death in the family" story is to get you to let your guard down. Most of these scams originate from West Africa or Eastern Europe.

No Mercy

an rv for 2000-5000? are u a total idiot? u deserve to be scammed


I would never buy a car I have not seen in person. Whoever you are dealing with is a scamster. There is no RV. Report them to ebay and cease communication. You are just begging to be scammed.


You don't buy from eBay. You buy from private sellers. eBay is just the digital, web-based replacement for the old newspaper-like 'traders'. You are going to face the same issues you did buying through those papers, when you don't see in person what you're buying.