How can I check the Funds I have left on Paypal?

Hi. I have PayPal & haven't used it since last yr. 2018 either in Spring or Summer. Anyway, at that time I was using it to pay for Life Coaches. 1 Life Coach cost $120 & another cost $125 an hr. Now, what I did was I made it easier for myself I put a little extra in for myself. Meaning, if I wasn't sure if 1 Life Coach didn't work out I put an extra $120 for another session in case I needed that person Right Away (you know, if Mary doesn't work out well @ least I have another $120/$125 for Susie). So, I know I still have some funds left. I should have @ least $100 Or $120 meaning I Didn't spend the Whole thing - there should be No Zero on my account. Now what I've done is that I used a Gift Card as a debit w/ this $$ so you could see the last 4 digits. However, there was 1 time I changed 1 gift card to another (meaning delete a gift card let's say it ended w/ 1234 & deleted that & got another gift card that ended w/ 7,8,9, 10) & somehow I got to a page which actually showed me How Much funds that were left. Now I can't get to that page & I'd like to know  How can I get to a page where it'll show the amount of funds I have left? Please let me know. It Really bothers me that I don't know how much $$ there could be on my PayPal account & yet it could just be sitting there NOT Being used all b/c I don't know how much is left. I Really Appreciate it.


ask your life coach

Pearl L

just look up their nunnber and call thenn up


Wow! You are really confused, complicated, and honestly, a little crazy. How would anyone be able to help you with a crazy description like this one ????