Will my package ship to my house?

I recently ordered a something online thinking that it would use UPS as a shipping provider, but it didn't and it uses USPS, i do not have a mailbox at my house, would the package get shipped to my doorstep then and if not where would it go? I also do not own a local P.O Box, i moved last month and still have my main P.O box out of town so i don't have a P.O box thats local to my area yet


You'll probably get a form taped to your door that instructs you to come to the local USPS post office to pick up your package.


No mailbox?! How do you receive mail? Worst case - they'll leave a sticker on your door, notifying you they'll hold it at the local US Post Office.


Usually they will put on your doorstep. I would ask your local post office.


They might leave a note on your door to pick it up at the pose office, or maybe leave at your doorstep.