Due to my carelessness someone else at an ATM might have deposited my money into their bank account. What can I do?

I did get in touch with the bank but they said to wait 3-7 days and it has been 5 days already with nothing heard from their side.

Casey Y

How was your money available at the ATM to be deposited into someone else's account. Sounds to me like you left cash at the ATM...is that correct???


Sounds like you lost some money and someone took it. If you know more than you're saying and think there are security cameras that may have caught something then you can talk to the bank and file a police report. Otherwise, based on the limited information, it sounds like this is no different than if you accidentally dropped your some money and someone else found it 5 minutes later.


If you left cash behind at the ATM, you're SOL. If you left a check that you had endorsed on the back without mentioning your account number, you might be able to get the money if the bank can find who deposited the check into their account. Or you can contact the person/company who wrote the check to you, explain what happened, & ask for a copy of the front & back of the cancelled check - then take that to your bank to see if they can help you recover your money.


If you left money there for the taking, then it was taken. Learn from your carelessness. If you left a check, see if you can get it cancelled and re-written to you.


All money has tracking devices in it. What you are claiming is impossible. The money deposits itself. If it's in someone else's account you obviously have things just a little backwards


Use the Banks on-line service to inspect the account. IF you find an irregularity then YOU contact the bank. BTW: it is very unlikely that such an error can be made at the ATM, such a screw-up is usually only committed by Human Tellers.


You may be sol there, Sparky.


call your bank and talk to someone there and tell them what happened.


Call the bank again and ask where the money is. Don't tell the bank that a problem may have happened, act like the money did get misplaced and you want your money. If it turns out the money was put in the right place then you can apologize and no big deal but if you tell them the money may or may not be there then they'll possibly just blow you off until its clear the money is misplaced.

real estate guy

tell the bank ASAP!

John Alden

Be more carful.