How To Keep A Multi Million Dollar Trust Secret From Friends And Family?

I recently received a letter and phone call that im receiving a multi million trust fund soon. i never knew i had long lost wealthy relatives on my great grandfathers side of the family. i want to remain quiet and continue living normally so that no one ask me for money. how do i keep this money secure and protected safely without having any friends or family finding out about it?


Most likely this is a scam. Have they asked you to send them or anyone else ANY money, for ANYTHING no matter how logical it sounds even if it's just sending money that they sent you, or to buy any gift cards and send them somewhere? If so, you are being scammed.


Assuming this is really legitimate (which it may not be), be aware that one of the purposes of a trust is to protect your anonymity. Don't show your wealth by buying anything ostentatious and keep your mouth shut. PS: Hire your OWN lawyer and accountant to help you out. They will honor your privacy and help you handle the legal and financial issues.

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Get a fee based financial adviser, and put the money in a trust.


Keep your mouth shut ... and do not buy anything flashy (like a sports car, or lake home).


Ask the lawyer who sends you the checks if he can recommend where to put it. Then, set an appointment with the financial advisor at your bank and get his opinion. Then, if you want, consult an independent financial advisor, from a large and reputable firm. You can probably trust the financial advisor at your bank most. Don't go wild spending it and nobody will notice. If you buy a nice car, tell your family that some money was left to you by X and you were able to purchase the car. You don't have to tell them that you will be getting X dollars every month. It's actually not their business and if anyone gets too nosy, don't be shy about telling them that it is none of their business. If you are asked for money, tell them that you have a rule: Anyone asking for it gets stricken from your list so, now they are not even eligible for a small money gift. That ought to shut up the greedy ones.


its official the contact was from a reputable law firm

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