How to make $3,000 fast?

I want to buy a Gucci purse, but I’m broke. Any ideas on how to earn money fast? My parents are paying my rent and food cost (though they aren’t that happy about it lol) so I don’t need to worry about anything except my dog (which is fine because my parents bought hike enough food to last for three months and I, of course, got him a nice expensive cashmere bed) anyways, any tips?

Steve D

36 years old and you have not grown up yet? If your parents are paying rent, etc. for you at 36 and you show up with a $3,000 purse, how long do you think they will continue to pay for you. I am assuming this is a really bad troll attempt unless you really are that stupid


Gucci purse? That sounds expensive for no other reason but the brand name. You would be making a really poor decision buying something so expensive. Why don't you buy something more practical? You need to create a better understanding that could help you later in life. Sooner or later you're going to need the set of skills to survive on your own. having your parents do everything isn't gonna help you....


So your parents ar paying for everything and you want to buy a $3,00 purse? Typical millennial.

Rick B

Broke people do not need a Gicci purse. NO ONE needs a $3,000 Gucci purse. You obviously have extremely warped values.


You are pretty much a bum, and you want a Gucci purse? Grow up and get a decent job. Don't waste $ on [email protected]


Grow up 36yr old and learn to pay your own rent and bills


if you are at least 18, porn or prostitution


Nice things are for people who can afford them. You can't.


Sell what you have.