Why won’t Bank of America replace my debit card?

I got rid of BOA almost a year ago and relied on Cash App, as I couldn’t afford the $12 monthly fee. Recently, my Cash App was hacked and I got BOA back. I started off with a SafeBalance account but after trying to use my debit card AFTER activating it, it kept getting declined at walmart when I had money in there. I then decided to go to the $12 monthly fee account. I went to Sams today where I got told my card is defective. Called BOA and they said they didn’t want to replace my new card if they don’t have to. My card won’t work at all. What can I do?


If they won't replace it and it doesn't work, I'd be closing my account and opening an account with another bank or credit union.


You physically go to the bank with your card to show them it doesn't work.

Oh Boy!

Get a different bank.


nnaybe you need to ask thenn this question, in the nneantinne get one at another bank and nnove your bank acct there