Can an apartment complex tow your car if you’re not on the lease?

My friend has been living with a roommate at an apartment complex, but he isn’t on the lease. So, recently he applied to the complex to get his own apartment. He applied and on the application he placed his car information. When they ran the application, his address to a credit card came back to the apartment he shares. Today, my friend told me that his work van was gone from the usual place he has it at the apartment. Is it possible that the complex towed the van without telling him since they know he lives there without being a legal tenant? Or do you think it was stolen?

Pascal the Gambler

They can two any unauthorized vehicle, yes.


if the lot is resident parking only, yes the landlord could legally tow it. if guests are allowed to park, it may not be legal to tow it unless there are indications it was abandoned. if it was stolen, it needs to be reported ASAP. is there any way to contact the landlord right away to find out. in some areas, private properties have to notify PD of when a car is towed. car owner could call non emergent PD number and say his car may have been stolen.


Very often, tenants have to get parking permits for the lot: EVEN IF THEY are legitimate tenants, they may still need a permit hanging from the rear view mirror. Did your friend look into this? Did he ask his host if he needed a permit to park in the lot? My boss pays our landlord for a parking spot, as well as the store front. Every few months we get a new tag that must hang on the mirror. Neither the landlord nor the towing company is going to baby-sit the tenants and check the registration of every vehicle. No tag means a boot or a tow.


Yes, people who are not authorized to park can be towed.


I think it was repo'd.


Is it a private parking space? Does he need a permit to park there? If so; did he have a permit?


Sure if it is a tenant only parking


It was legally towed. The illegal tenant was not authorized to park there - on private property. Landlords check regularly. It's their job.


could be either.


He doesnt have to be on the lease but the car has to be registered with the dmv to that address. If its not its on private property and they can tow it

real estate guy

I'm betting that the apartment complex gives parking passes or stickers to people on the lease. The van didn't have one, so they towed him. The tow truck drives around looking for cars without stickers. I highly doubt that the 2 events are related. it was just timing.