How can I remove an eviction from my credit report when I m not even the one paying any of the bills?

So, I m an young adult. I live with my mom and her boyfriend currently. I m in a really hard situation. The complex I live in REQUIRES anyone over 18 living in the apartment to sign the lease. So, for the record, I m not paying for rent or any of the bills but I was made to sign a lease. My mom and her boyfriend are toxic people and alcoholics and her boyfriend can get violent really fast when he s drunk. I am able to sustain myself at my own apartment but not without struggle. I just need to get away from this environment. But I know that will be very difficult with an eviction on my report so how do I remove it? I don t know if I went to the office and explained my situation if they would "pity me" enough to let me off. I have no idea what to do and I wake up feeling sick from all this stress. Any HELPFUL advice will help.


You don't say a thing about being evicted, just that you want out of the lease. Two different things. All parties would have to agree to let you out of the lease and I doubt that's going to happen. I suggest that you hang in there until it's time to renew the lease then move out. make sure you notify the landlord as required by law. Usually 30 or 60 days.

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you really don't need you own apartment. Start out by renting a room from someone. Save money and then save more. If you move out, make sure to remove your name from the lease - provided that you can.


An eviction does not show up on your credit report. There may be past due debts that show up as part of that eviction, but there is nothing there that says you were evicted. If you were evicted for something like having pets that were not allowed in your lease, then your credit report would not have any indication of it. If your eviction is about money owed, then it would be a concern. You can talk to your current landlord, but there is no business reason why they give you a break here. It sounds like their best bet of collecting is to include you in all collection efforts. You can try to appeal to their sympathy, but when it comes to money you may not get very far. If you're able to get ahead of finding a new place, then you may be able to get approved and moved in prior to any financial judgment hitting your credit report.


If you were 'evicted' before you were 18...when you were living with your mom and boyfriend...then you were not the responsible adult on the lease. If they are in the process of evicting you now, then it is probably not on the record yet...and you can always say that they put you on the lease because you were living there but you were not responsible. (Especially if the lease was signed before you were 18!) Anyway , tell them you are moving and to remove your name from the lease. (You must do that because if mom and/or boyfriend skips then you will have to pay the remainder of the rent and damages.)


An eviction doesn't go onto a credit report, that would be the debt owed because of the eviction and if you were signed onto the contract to rent and there was an eviction and money owing then that debt will go onto yours and every other persons on that contract as they equally owe the money...... until the debt is fully paid back and you get a certificate of satisfaction then that can then be sent to the credit reference agency and they will note on the report the debt is fully paid off

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You forgot to say how you got an eviction report. Are you still living there? If so, it is unlikely that you were evicted. Update your question to explain.

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You don't remove it. You have to get out of the lease when you go, therefore absolving yourself of responsibility. Your mom and her bf will have to agree to let you off of the lease. Who pays the bills is not relevant.