How do real estate agents have a life if they have to work nights and weekends?

Do they give up having a family or are they so old that their kids are grown and out of the house?

real estate guy

Im a very successful realtor. 25 years in the business and for the past 21 years, have always earned in the low to mid 6 figures. Plus during that time, we've raised 3 kids to adults. AND I RARELY works nights. But I do work weekends. My wife and I worked out an agreement as to when I would work and when I would be available. She also works full time. My family and I take at least 3 weeks away vacations and I do VERY VERY little work during this time. It's my time to decompress. IN addition, I always take off one weekend a month to do family things. However, I do work around 60+ hours a week. It really is a matter of scheduling and when I work - I work hard and when i "play", I play hard. The key is to realize that you are a professional and you are not on the beckon call of a client. For example, usually the only reason that a client wants you to work nights is because they don't want to take time off work to buy a house. Would they demand that their doctor only meet them at night? No since the doctor has set boundaries at the very beginning. I always make the client set a time during the day to work with them. THis way the client "owns" the time and if they "waste it by not moving forward, it's on them. At night, this is their free time. They could be looking at houses or watching TV, it really doesn't matter to them. But during the day, it's costing them so they value it more. There are a lot of examples like this. Believe in yourself, provide the best service and you will not have a problem.


They don't work all nights and weekends and do stuff other times. Lots of busy people have to balance work and play, it not so difficult once you get used to it.


/ The same as everyone else in the world who doesn't have a M-F 9-5 job. Who do you think is delivering food? Working at restaurants? Retail? Nurses? Doctors?

Barry A

The great thing about real estate agents is that they can set their own hours.