How long does it take for a realtor to remove a listing from a home advertising site and the MLS?

It has been over a week. Our realtor says he’s “working on it” does it really take that long? And if we are to get it in writing because we don’t want to sell it anymore, what type of form do we use?

real estate guy

In the MLS, a realtor goes into the system and literally clicks on one button to change the status from ACTIVE to WITHDRAW. Total time (including log in, 30 sec). And the update is immediate to the system. In regards to websites like zillow, redfin, etc. It could take several days. These systems PULL from the MLS and each advertising site have different rates of pulls (downloading updates) from the MLS and the realtor has no control over that. You usually it several hours to several days. If the realtor hasn't done it, call his broker ASAP. The broker of the office is actually his "boss" and actually the person you have your listing agreement with.

dog ma

About 30 seconds.

A Hunch

You have asked this question about 100 times. Why do you care if the house is still on the MLS as available? Yes, I know you want to rent it now. Taking it down from the MLS is not going to help with that. The websites will show that it was for sale a few days ago...