Property Tax Per Year for Property Without A House Built on It?

Alright so I was just wondering what some estimates of property tax would be in states like arizona and indiana for having property without a house built on it. I know this is a really general question but any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am just turning 21 and I know absolutely nothing about land, so consider that in your answer.

Kim R

There are many variables that can result in a difference of thousands of dollars one way or another. For instance, I was interested in buying a piece of land in Douglas County, Colorado to build on. The property tax was pretty steep, so I figured I'd have to buy and build quickly. I called an agent and he said you couldn't build until the road was paved and all the utilities were put in, but you'd still have to pay the high taxes on it, sometimes for many years. If you go just one county further, it isn't nearly as bad. The lesson here is to call a local agent who knows all the laws, because you can be saved a lot of time, money and headaches by doing this.

Steve D

No way to know. Property taxes are set at the local and are based on local needs and the value of the land. You would have to know the lot you are buying, where it is located, the tax rate, the size and comparable assessments for similar pieces of land. A quarter acre of land in the middle of Indianapolis would have a much higher assessment compared to a similar acre out in farmland Indiana, but the person in farmland would get a break since the tax rate would probably be lower. Asking to compare two non-specific items such as you suggest is like asking how high is up.

Casey Y

Tax rates vary wildly depending on a variety of factors...some would have zero or almost no tax and others would have some land tax...


Need to look at the city/town where the land is, they are the ones that set property tax. My town uses the same rate for the land as they do the building, some will use different rates. So find the land, then contact the towns assessors office.


Check with the county tax collector/assessor.

John Alden

To many variables to answer. Seriously.


In general, an "unimproved" property will have a lower assessed value than one that has a building on it.

Bill G

Give the address of the property in question to the county tax assessor/collector's office, and ask them what the annual property taxes are on that property.


Also known as unimproved land. An unimproved building lot will have much lower property taxes. That is because the value of the parcel, which determines the amount of tax, is obviously much lower without any improvements on it. How much lower can vary greatly from taxing district to taxing district. When our house was built, we got a break for about four months on the county/town portion, which is billed at the start of the year. We closed with four months left in the year. When the new tax was calculated for the new year, using the sale price, the tax on the parcel just about tripled.


Depends on the value of the land

Pascal the Gambler

Property tax is a fixed % of the value of the property (usually maybe 1-1.5%). So size of the land would matter a lot.


See what properties are available, contact the realtor and ask about the property tax.

real estate guy

I'm sorry, but no one can answer this since we don't know the town, the size lots, etc. Go to and look for lots/land only in towns you may want to live in.


If there is no property then there would not be any property tax......... so you need to research and see if there is any land tax