Why are my parents so rude to me?

I’m 29 with a child and I’m trying to move out. I have a good job but poor credit so no one will rent to me. I can’t find roommates my age because they don’t want to live with a child. I’m stuck. I can’t afford rent on my very own right now. I looked for public housing but there’s a years long waitlist. I’m working on my credit now but my parents are only giving me months to move out. It looks like I will have to move to a shelter for a while? What can I do to tell them that I’m trying?

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It sounds like your parents are just sick and tried of the crap you're dishing out. And I'm sure that in the past 10 years, there has been discussions about figuring out your life. When does it end and you start becoming responsible? I would say the time has come.


They aren't rude . You are an adult with a child you should have your own place to live. Do you get child support ?


You're 29 and a parent. They're not being unrealistic to think that you should be able to support yourself by now. They aren't obligated to financially support their adult child and their grandchild.


Your parents have probably been dealing with you "trying" for years now and are over it. It would be bad enough for you to be 29 and still living at home by yourself, but you are a parent, which makes it even worse. Do you collect child support? Why do you think it's acceptable for your parents to support you and your child and that you shouldn't be held responsible for your poor choices which have led to you being a single parent with bad credit unable to support yourself? Are you familiar with the idea of tough love? This is likely what your parents are doing with you. I'm sure they don't want their grandchild in a shelter, but if they continue to be your safety net you may never develop the skills and strength needed to stand on your own feet. At some point enough is enough, and that's where it sounds like they are. They have given you a couple of months, use that time wisely to seek a better job, roommate situation with another single parent, and get your child's other parent on child support.


How long you been sponging off of mom and dad? I mean basically that is what you are doing for whatever reasons. Apparently they are sick of it, you, something or they would have continued to allow it to go on. I know that as soon as my mid 20's son moved out, my electric cut in half. That's $150 to $200 a month, never mind the other resources that he used. We didn't give him the boot, he just decided it was time and it was. But the hit millions and millions of parents in my, your parents situation are taking. Has put a large dent in their retirement funds. Many of which had their retirements wiped out with the recession and never were able to rebuild them.


Are you paying them rent?


Can you afford an extended stay hotel? They usually will negotiate minimum rates for guests staying at least 30 days, some amenities are included (electricity, water, garbage, sewage, housekeeping), and most offer not just daily breakfast but also some lunches and dinners during the week. They also don't care about your credit since it's a hotel, they only need you to have a valid credit or debit card to guarantee the room.


The way i see it. You were an idiot to have a child when you have poor credit. They’re not bailing you out anymore


that aint rude. it is NOT necessarily bad for an adult child to live with parents. as long as the adult child is respectful to the parents and appropriately contributing to the household. If families could get along with each other, there wouldn't be such severe issues with poverty in this country. If I were able to have kids, I would welcome them staying in my home as long as they paid a fair share to housing/utilities/household expenses