Can I start tailoring business from home? I would be making custom dresses along with mending women's dresses.?

Can you make decent money out of it? I want to know before I start learning.


Once you have many years of experience and you have the samples of your work to show people you can make up to $25.00 an hour. But to get that experience you will wind up spending a lot of money of fabric. Start by making all of your own clothes for a few years. If you get complements then you can start charging for your work.


If you have a talent for it then yes.. You can make a lot of money from it.. Especially if you branch off into cosplay and costumes. I make all of my kids and nephews Halloween and cosplay outfits from scratch by altering clothing I find at thrift shops. People are always amazed when they find out I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on their outfits. I have been scolded by some parents for spoiling my kids with expensive hand made costumes when their kids show up in 20$ Prefab Walmart costumes. They are shocked when they learn that I spent less than them.. So yeah, if you can throw together an outfit for cheap, make it look professionally done, and resell it for triple or quadruple your money back you can make a lot of money.


There is a tailor shop downstairs from where I sit. I will tell you that their business is alterations, not special clothing. Making clothing for sale is an entirely different business. Lots of people need dresses altered. Selling custom clothes means marketing and all the rest.


It would depend a lot on if you have any potential customers, get an idea of how many people would be interested in the dresses, do a sample and ask around.