I am starting a self employee small business and just need an affordable legal advance to review all my paperwork in the state of NJ?



Go on line and use Legal Zoom

Casey Y

You want good legal advice (not advance)...not affordable legal advice. It totally depends on your industry, but if carpenters can handle this on their own (arbitrary non-paperwork profession), you should be able to as well. Do you require a license? Will you be required to collect sales tax? Have you established your entity (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, etc.)?


legal zoom


I recommend having your business plan reviewed by a counselor at the NJ Small business Development Center regional office that services your county. They can't give you legal advice, but they can look over your business plan and some of the choices you have made, like the type of entity you are setting up, (LLC, Inc., proprietorship, etc) to be sure it is appropriate. There are some things that do need legal review, contracts, leases, etc., but lawyers are not business experts, talk to the professionals. You will also need to find out about licenses. Not every business requires a "license" but those in certain occupations or selling regulated goods or services may.


Great. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a question? You didn't actually ask one. Hiring an attorney really isn't particularly difficult if that's where you were heading. Ask people you know for referrals. Google. Yelp. Call your state bar association for a referral. Call your local SBA office or chamber of commerce. Go put a little effort in, sunshine. If you can't handle this, I have no clue how you're going to run a business.