I'll be unemployed in 3weeks, any idea on what small business I can start to sustain me?


Casey Y

If you are nervous about being unemployed...how could you possibly have the funds to start a small business?

Steve D

It takes time to establish a business that is successful enough to sustain you on a day-to-day basis. If you do not have enough savings (plus unemployment) to cover you for 6 months, I would suggest starting to look for alternative employment immediately. Alternately, you could try to use savings to buy/establish an inventory of items you think will sell and use an Amazon small store to sell them. Note that there is high competition and your profit margins may be slim as bigger buyers can get greater discounts and sell for less.


probably none. Starting a successful business takes much more time to plan than three weeks. look for another job. If you live in the north, you might be able to shovel snow


buy some items off of Alibaba wholesell and sell them on ebay for a profit


Instead of starting a "small business" work on staying away from that married man! You and him are both horrible. Homewrecker and a cheater, disgusting. Owning a small business requires money which you don't seem to have at the moment since you're unemployed. Running a small business isn't peaches and cream, it's really hard and often times you can go broke from it. Focus on getting a stable job even if it's something simple as a cashier


Instead of taking all your cash out to a pile in the yard so you can burn it, why don't you save it until you can get a job?