In what ways can someone from a poor background raised money to start a business?



Get a job, work for 5 years, save ALL of your money, get a good credit rating and get a bank loan. Get a second job, save all of that money until you have the money to start the business you want...and use it to start a business. Get a job in sales. Develop customers. Do well. tell your customers that you are starting your own business doing it...and take them with you when you leave to start it. Walk dogs. Be reliable. When you get so many it is hard to keep up, hire a person to help. Keep adding dogs and people until all you have time to do is book appointments, collect money pay your employees and go to the bank. (The same thing works for yard care...which is how my lawn guy got started) Go to the Your Harmonic Resonance site and read about starting businesses and read about entrepreneurs. Then if you have more questions, come back and ask.

Casey Y

With a from family and friends... Once you have some skin to put into the game (meaning your own money)...apply for SBA loans with some local banks. They have requirements to be lending some of the money on deposit back into those same communities.

The Football God

No one says it would be easy, but get a partner.


Work and save money for your dream that you hope to do one day.


work at a job, and save up for it.


They get a job and go to school like everyone else