Is it stress?

I opened up my first large business a month ago and I do not feel stressed but I do think about it a lot. I had a business before but the expenses were very small so it was easy to walk away from. Now I am neck deep with massive expenses without an easy out but I am glad I am free. Though I have a slight headache everyday and not sure if it because I am thinking about my business a lot? I know what stress is I had it in the past but can just having a lot on my mind cause the headache even though I don't feel overwhelmed? Thanks

No Mercy

if u have a headache more than once in fortnight u should go to a doctor. it is most probably a sinus infection. i have it on a regular basis - i drive a convertible. i have no stuffed or running nose, no difficulties to breath, just a headache. whether u have sinus infection may be seen on a ultrasound device or x ray pic. u will need a course or 2 of antibiotics. no, stress does not give u regular headaches, stress is usually hiding on a back ground and then u just die from a sudden heart attack because stress raises your blood pressure. what is your blood pressure?. my sincere advice - go to a doctor and complain about constant headache. do not mention stress.


Stress is the reaction of the body to any changes which also require adjustment or reaction. Stress is an normal part of life. You can experience stress from your atmosphere, body and thoughts. Even positive changes in life, such as promotion, mortgage or childbirth, cause stress.

Elaine M

You should be looking at how to get control over the expenses first.


Stress is over-emphasized these days. Stress is NOT a disease or "condition". It is part of everyday life, especially in work and business. EVERYBODY feels stress in some part of their lives. Those who learn to deal with it become normal and successful. Those who can't deal with it become life's tragedies. Which are you?


theres grants for people starting their own business, nnaybe they can help you out


It could be. Or it could be a brain tumor. Or a lot of other things. Go to a doctor. Don't try to get an accurate diagnosis online.

Anonymous: yeah. sorry. )

yeah. sorry. ):