Starting from nothing?

I hear everywhere that “I started my business from nothing” etc and I just don’t understand if all I have is like 100 in my pocket with no skills. How can one start from nothing?. Like don’t you need to have money in order to do so?. For example to start a dog training business you have to have Certifications but that can cost High mula. So HOW!?


Consider another micro-business in your community, not dog training, like lawn care, dog walking, etc. Meanwhile, save some of your current job income on a serious, regular basis for the startup (promo, equipment, telecommunication).


My neighbor lost his job 15 years ago. He couldn't find any thing in his field ans wound up dog sitting for a neighbor. In the dog park, someone recognized the dog and asked if neighbor would walk his dogs... within 3 months he had a bunch of dogs to walk and a bunch of yards to clean. He eventually just focused on the 'poop' cleaning business ...less time... more income. Now he has several trucks, several employees, and he rarely does a 'poop' call. He says he makes about $70k a year after all business expenses. What I am saying is...he started out broke...walking dogs...he turned THAT in to a business where he is the boss. Yes it took 15 years...but he made enough in those first years so they did not lose their house. (yes, his wife was working but she was/is a pre-school teacher and the pay is terrible)


Some of them broke the law by starting without the certifications. Some of them started by doing something that didn't require any start up costs or certifications, and eventually made enough money to get the certifications to do something else.