Tips for a young entrepreneur to make my business successful?



Read everything on the Your Harmonic Resonance Site and get a year one college level business text book.


Get a second job to support yourself while you make your business successful.

Casey Y

Have a really good business plan. Have contingency funds accessible. Know your cash flow!!!


Start with a simple business plan and financial projections to understand whether the business is viable.


Become knowledgeable about income statements, balance sheets and statement of cash flows. Understand the financials. Start small and keep debt to a minimum. Develop a good business plan before you begin. Control costs. Do not try to grow too fast.


Work harder, longer, and smarter than your competitors.


Depends where you're really at, but for sure you need to commit 100% and give it your all. Mark Cuban says the best advice he ever got was "Today is the youngest you will ever be. Live like it."


Learn how a successful business operates .. typically learning a business degree is an excellent start