What is a good craft business name?

Hi everyone!! I am looking for a catchy, easy to remeber, CREATIVE name for my handmade "art". I make most of my pieces out of polymer clay and resin. I make a variety of everything. From keys chains, charms, pendants, sculptures, figurines, and even journal covers. Everything can be personalized. I would like the name to be creative. I am open to anything, but of course it should reflect what I do. (To an extent??) Maybe include my personality? Which many would say I'm often in my own magical world. Also that I am crazy and proud of it. I kind of like the thought of using my last name (Moore) in some way. It seems like every name I come up with someone already has. I am a unique person so... Yeah. Please help


Check out this website


Go to the Fiverr site and hire someone who actually 'makes names' for a living.