What should I name my home organizing business?

My name is Ellen Rainer and I am hoping to start a small home organizing business. I would love to come up with a super cute, catchy name, but I am stumped. I was thinking of incorporating the word "space" into it because I could have a pretty galaxy-themed logo/website/etc, but I am open to anything! Thank you in advance for your ideas :-)


Go to the Fiverr site and you can hire a marketer for $5 who will work to give you the best name.


About the best I could come up with was 'Rainervent Your Home', then you could say 'Hi, I'm Ellen Rainer, Let me 'Rainervent' your home organizing'. (like reinvent the way you organize).


Business names are tricky. You'll be stuck with it! Choose wisely. The best advice I got was to avoid cutesy trick spellings. Go for something so people will be able to immediately identify your business function. My business is commercial cleaning, and my business name has "Shine" in it's title. Home Organization. Whatever name you choose, that should be the function picked by 100% of people who read your name. "NeatSpace," "ClutterFixers," not the ideals, but you get the idea?