Why is eBay charging me for free promotion fee's.?

Ebay gave me 500 free listing fees promotion. I activated the promotion and posted allot of listings. After few months i checked eBay invoices and eBay was charging me for every single listing. Why are they lying.


Call them up and ask them. Maybe you missed something about the promo or maybe its a mistake but nobody here is going to know.


nnaybe you need to ask thenn this question


They aren't lying. You didn't read, twice. The offer applies to only "some" listings, in certain categories. When you created the listing, it was clearly stated whether it was free or what the charge for that listing is. If you failed to READ, that's your problem, not theirs. I have taken advantage of some of their free listings, many times, over the years, because they have offered it several times over the years. You just aren't paying attention. When you get to the last page and fill in the blanks, the last thing shows either "free" or $. Open your eyes.