Can I get my taxes done if the government is shut down?

So apparently the government is getting shut down again on the 15th, so I just wanna know if that's going to effect my tax refund and do I need to do my taxes before it shuts down? or can I do them while its shut down? Simple yes or no question, I dont wanna hear any political bullsh**, I just wanna know.

Steve D

You can do your taxes at any time up until April 15th (assuming the deadline is not extended). However, if your taxes are not processed by the time of the shutdown (assuming we have one), then any refund you are due will be delayed since the IRS will not be able to finish processing your return.


Yes. The shutdown does not mean that the people are not doing their jobs. They are still getting done. It is just their income that is held, until the government is open again, at which time, they will get all of their back pay.

Pascal the Gambler

If it shuts down again, they will not process.

Max Hoopla

You can get your returns prepared but any refund would be delayed.


Even if they shut down again, they'll still process taxes.


Taxes can be submitted during a shutdown. The IRS has pledged that refunds will go out. If there is a problem with your return however, it would take longer to be resolved since many of those staffers would be furloughed again.


The shut down NEVER prevented ANYONE from filing a tax return. In reality, the PARTIAL shutdown wouldn't have even delayed issuance of refunds.


If you efile. If you make no mistakes. If your W-2 matches what the IRS has, a direct deposit refund can still happen during a shutdown.