I worked out of town for my boss he paid for room. Can I claim meals for a deduction.?



Employee business expenses were eliminated under the new tax bill except for active military personnel. It's doubtful you would have had enough anyway even under the old rules.

Beverly S

Yes, but if you aren't already itemizing it won't help. Standard deduction is so much higher this year that it doesn't help many people to itemize any more. Keep receipt for meal with the taxes if you itemize, you need proof.

Max Hoopla



You should have asked your employer BEFORE you went out of town if he planned on paying for your meals too. It's up to him whether he wants to reimburse you. You will have had to kept the receipts if you expect a reimbursement. No, you cannot use them as a deduction on your taxes because you are not the business owner. You are an employee. Right?


Except for certain government or military personnel, no. If you don't itemize, no. If the job out of town was over a year, no. If under a year, use form 2106 and see instructions https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i2106.pdf but only if you itemize. You can only deduct the amount of 2106 expenses that's over 2% of yiour AGI