Money disappeared out of my bank account?

Earlier today I got (what I assumed) to be my State tax return, which was $111. I got my federal return a few days ago which was around $240. This left me with a little over $300 in the bank. I spent some money today and after doing so I only have $150 in my account even though I didn't spend that much, and the deposit doesn't even show up in my recent transactions even though I KNOW it was there???


Call your bank or go in and talk with one of the nice people at the desk and they will fix it.


An online bank statement still only shows a snapshot of your financial state at a particular moment. It's quite possible for transactions you've all but forgotten about to turn up and show you that you have less left than you thought you had. Find a point at which you know your account coincides with what you've actually spent and then going forward from there, add up all your outgoings and then your deposits and deduct your outgoings from that total. You may find your 'missing' money has mysteriously 'turned up'.


Ask your bank


so what do you want me to do about it?

Casey Y

This is a bank question...not a tax question... What did your bank say when you called them? *Edit - Still wondering what your bank had to say...


call your bank

Beverly S

Todays deposit won't show till after midnight tonight.. if State sent it today bank has to have time to post it.

Max Hoopla

This is not a tax question.


One of the deposits wasn't a tax refund -- it was just a mistake, and they've fixed it, which is why that deposit is gone. The tax refund should come later.

Pascal the Gambler

Maybe it didn't clear yet, or it was in error and it was recalled.


Go to the bank and have it explained.


Call customer service.


Interesting. I've been banking for 40 years and no money ever disappears from my accounts. Well, a month ago one accidently charged me a low balance fee of like $5. I emailed them and they apologized and reversed it. (My account had no minimum balance requirement and no fees) Other than that, NEVER. And I have lots of bank accounts, credit union accounts & a brokerage account.


Cortez took it