Turbotax still says accepted 1/14/19 Why hasn't the IRS accepted it yet?

Half of my friends and family use turbotax, they filed way later than me, and there status updates after the first day saying approved. Mine still says accepted, it's been 5 days, is this a turbotax issue or an IRS issue Just to add in, i know they didn't start accepting until the 29th, but say if i filed on the 14th and my buddy filed on the 25th, both dates before IRS accepts tax returns, wouldn't i be first in the system before him? Since i filed before him? His also got approved and he filed on the 25th of january

Max Hoopla

IRS didn't start accepting anything until January 28 and then it had a backlog.

amy lynn

Once Turbo Tax transmits the documents to the IRS - then it is all up to the IRS. This is absolutely an IRS issue. Since the IRS didn't open until 1/28/19 - it really doesn't matter what date before that you submitted your tax return. Everything was backlogged and there is no way to know what order the IRS processes that backlogged data in.


Because you filed so early. The IRS doesn't start accepting until late January; when TurboTax accepts on January 14, it is much longer before the IRS can accept than if you wait longer (like your family and friends wisely did) and file when the IRS can accept.

Pascal the Gambler

We cannot know which it is.


Feel free to transmit the same return again. Only one will be accepted.