Are drones disrupting air travel being operated by radical environmentalists?



No. I think it is idiots who think they can not be caught. I believe the response coming is a drone hunter, a drone that hunts down other drones and follows them back to their home base.


Drones that disrupted London/Heathrow airport flights last month were operated by phucking idiots- but as of yet undetermined operators. IRA has been ruled out, ISIL not thought to have been operating them either. Welsh nationalist maybe, PETA or English version is another possible and some organic/renewable energy activists possible- radical environmemtalists then. Information culled from rumors of various sources- main concern was terrorists groups first and that was considered unlikely- lethal attack no, some kind of harrassment for silly reason yes, various odd people claiming one of their friends had done the drone disruption. Ethanol and other substance involved. USA- new jersey and California incidents, one in Boston(?) just troublemakers with too much money and time on hands- but couple connected to dope smokers and Greens party connection noted