Do you need a perfect medical to get jobs with aviation management degree?

I have always wanted to be a pilot ever since i was a kid. however in case i dont get a perfect medical which can prevent me from flying, i want to get a degree in aviation management so i can still work within my field of interest. will not having a perfect medical be an issue when it comes to getting a job with the aviation management degree? I just want to keep a backup idea, i love aviation alot thus i want to still work in this industry even if medical is a problem. help me out guys

Zaphod Beeblebrox

I have two different undergraduate aviation management degrees and they've been pretty useless at times when I couldn't fly. Quite honestly, any management or transportation degree would suffice. You do not need an aviation degree to work in the aviation field, but if you are going to get one, a Master's degree or an engineering degree, or qualifications as a mechanic would serve you just as well. It is also the skills and experience you possess that counts more than the type of degree you hold. For example, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, has a law degree. The CEO of Mesa Airlines has a degree in finance. Their Director of Maintenance has no degree at all. A former Chief pilot of the Boeing 777 fleet at United Airlines has as degree in military history. One of my best friend, who is a captain for Delta and is on their pilot advisory board, has a degree in music. Got it now?

John R

No type of medical certificate of any kind is needed to work in management - and even as a pilot you don't need a "perfect medical", you just cannot have any condition that may lead to sudden incapacitation.