How do you become a pilot?

I’m a junior in high school and I’m interested in becoming a pilot. I know you need a bachelors degree, what do you major in though? How long does it take to become one? What is the lifestyle like? And also what classes should I take right now in school? Flight school? Thanks in advance!

duck you sucker!

What Kind? Private? No degree required. Even commercial, to get the license requires no degree. To become an Airline pilot for major airline requires a PPL license, plus instrument rating, commercial license, plus a degree plus 4 years previous experience. A commercial will cost about $80,000. A private, maybe $10,000. Can save a lot if you do own ground school and a relative with an instructor's rating and plane rating gives you your flight hours. You Might get it in the military but only 1% get picked for flight school. You can get experience as a commercial as crop duster, EMT, or in a bush league back water service. Then, after 4 years of it and a BS (in Anything), apply at South West. U will be first officer for $24k for a couple years until "seasoned" enough to take pilot's seat

Kim R

See if you like flying first. Tomorrow, if the weather is nice, go to your nearest local small airport and see if anyone there gives flying lessons. Many will give an introductory lesson for a reduced rate, often under $100. If you like it, save up for lessons so you can gain as many hours as possible. The more hours and experience you get, the better. Just take the first step, then you can find out what all is involved as you go. It's quite expensive (unless you go the military route) and it takes years and years to make some real money, but eventually it CAN happen. One step at a time; have fun and good luck!


NO, little Snowflake... You DO NOT need a bachelor's degree to become a pilot. There IS NO formal education required to obtain a pilot's certificate in the United States. You don't even need to graduate from high school. You can also ignore these MORONS who tell you that you need to join the Air Force or the Navy to become a pilot. THEY know NOTHING and what they are suggesting is WRONG!

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While you're in high school, you should take as much math and science classes as possible. I'm not a pilot, but based on what I've been reading (you should learn to research if you're serious about being a pilot), you can have a bachelors degree in any field. It doesn't matter what your degree is in, but as long as you have one. It might be a good idea to get a degree in a useful field as a fallback in case your aviation journey doesn't work out. You will also need a lot of money. The cost of training to be a pilot for a major airline can be pretty high, possibly in the $100,000+ range.

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i would talk to your guidance counselor about it, she nnight have all the answers youre asking


First, have perfect vision without glasses. You might be able to get surgery to correct to that. Then try for Air Force or Navy academy. If not getting in there, you can go to college, get a degree in sciences. Then enlist in Air Force or Navy. Take tests and get into aviation training as a pilot.