How high can an f-16 fly an how fast???


Mr. Smartypants: According to Wikipedia: Maximum Speed

According to Wikipedia: Maximum Speed: At Sea Level: Mach 1.2 (915 mph) At Altitude: Mach 2 (1320 mph) Service Ceiling: 50,000 ft.


Have excellent math skills, excellent health, excellent vision, and the anthropometrics for the F-16. Get a technical degree or graduate from the Air Force Academy. Apply for and get accepted to an Air Force commissioned officer program, if you did not graduate from the academy. Apply for and get accepted to flight training. Excel in flight training but do not do so well that you would be selected for the F-35 or F-22. Then maybe you will be selected for T-38 and F-16 training. The odds are seriously against you.


Stripped for air to air, about 800 miles per hour at 42,000 feet. It's not recommended, but it can be done.