Is going through the civilian process to become an Air Traffic Controller worth it?

I am 19 years old currently enrolled at a college to become a pilot. My school does not have an Air Traffic Control major which means I would probably have to go through the FAA Academy process to become an ATC (Which is what I want to do). When speaking to other ATC's at our airport they said that the process going the civilian route is not worth it and that they recommended going the military route (they all went through the military). I would like to do the civilian route so I don't have to enlist for 6 years but I was just wondering if that's even worth it. Looking for anyone who has done it and if it's even worth the money and time Thanks!


If you are already in college to become a pilot, then WHY do you want to train as an Air Traffic Controller? If your career goal is to fly airplanes, you don't NEED ATC training. Enlisting in the military does NOT guarantee that you would receive the training or the assignment that you want to become an Air Traffic Controller. If you meet the standards required, it's probably better to attend the FAA academy to become an ATC.


Work is already under way to replace nearly all human controllers with tech. As are human pilots. At your young age , you should do some hard re-thinking of your career choice. Sorry. I saw a TV program that previewed the future of air traffic control but can not provide a reference. You'll have to research it yourself.




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