Is there a database where I can look up flight hours from personal pilots?

The FAA and AOPA don't seem to separate personal piloting accidents from general aviation. If you know of anywhere that will break down general aviation stats into executive, instruction, and personal, that would be super helpful! (USA domestic only)

John R

No, since pilot's are not required to report - or even log - the amount of hours they fly. The only time you are required to log hours is if you need them to meet an experience or currency requirement. So someone not pursuing an additional rating (or a better pilot job) may not even bother tracking all of their own hours beyond `what is needed to be considered current,


Pilots' logbooks are personal to the pilot and very often a simple paper book. They're not recorded centrally. The accident investigation people may have the stats you're looking for, since the pilot's experience is one of the things they look for when investigating an accident/incident.


It is called a log book.


The thing of it is-it's impossible to separate personal travel from executive. Personal aircraft are often owned through corporations and often operating them comes down to a mix of business and pleasure. I think you need to look at aircraft types here. Obviously, a Maule is more of a fishing tool than a business tool.


It’s called a logbook

Rona Lachat

Those that NEED to know already know how to look up the information. That you WANT TO KNOW is another matter. What does hours of flight time have to do with accident rate? Pilot log books can be looked at if necessary. They are not posted online daily for the world to look at.