JF-17 "Super" Thunder Block Three with Rafale or Eurofighter or Gripen engine/radar for Canada, Latin America & KSA?

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HUH? WTF are you blathering about? Come back when you can actually communicate in the English language!


I don't see Canada or Saudi Arabia buying a Chinese combat aircraft. The Royal Saudi Air Force already heavily committed to Eurofighter. It already took delivery of 72 Tranche 2 Typhoons, and is ordering 48 more Tranche 3 models. Brazil ordered 36 Gripen Es and Fs, which they will call F-39. At least 15 aircraft will be assembled in Brazil. Follow up orders are likely: Brazil has a requirement for as many as 100 new fighters and Brazilian Navy is also interested in the yet to be developed naval version of the JAS 39. Canada was a partner in the F-35 development but after the current president's ham-handed diplomatic moves Canada's commitment to the F-35 is not so firm anymore. The RCAF is evaluating Eurofighters and Rafales as an alternative to the pending CF-18 replacement.