What are the most difficult subjects for the instrument rating written test?


Zaphod Beeblebrox

Each student has their own specific weaknesses. We don't know what your weaknesses are, so why don't you get a test question guide and find out for yourself? With proper studying, none of them are hard. With inadequate education and studying, all of them might be hard for you.


Took mine in about 1990. Todays test is probably a lot different. But for me it was weather report interpretation followed by airspace regs. I was surprised that I got one of the Omni Bearing indications wrong. Along with tons of book study I also took a community college course and completed a private av school IFR course at KSMO. Surprisingly I found the questions about unusual attitude and partial panel comparatively easy. Air Nav by reference to your magnetic compass is not as easy as it may seem. Have your CFII make you practice that a lot. good luck


When I took the tests in 1956, I studied and was prepared. There was nothing particularly difficult.


I dunno! I found it rather simple, but then I was serious about it and was thourly prepared prior to taking the written.


What to do if "X" instrument goes out during IFR conditions. (In many cases it is get on the radio and contact air traffic control.)


Probably figuring out whether they use magnetic or true tracks for most airspace.... since there is a surley mechanic on here spreading misinformation about that subject.