Can I ride my jet ski naked?

I live in Miami,FL and own a jet ski,I was wondering can I ride it naked,or is there laws against this ?

Bubba Gubbins

You can't be naked- you have to wear a PFD.


You almost certainly CAN, may not be comfortable or legal but that's not what you asked.


PFD's are required in the US Why would you want to, imagine hitting the water with you cajones exposed at 30 mph or better. Might hurt a tad.


Only if you're a beautiful woman with big tts.


Not legally


If you are a hot babe, it's cool. If you are a mid aged guy with a paunch, my eyes cannot unsee. Be kind.


In English Bay I find upwards of 2,000 naked Canadians every warm sunny day. Moving south past the Canada Gulf Islands you'll enter USA Island County. It has laws that deny use of jet ski in their water due to noise and petrol pollution. Since 9/11 County Sheriff marine patrol are assisted by government Point Class 20 knot gunboats with a 1,580 nautical mile range. Two of the ten available in USA water. Air assets are on-call.


do you own the land? if so, yes, wear whatever you do or do not want. if not, no, that's most likely public property and you could be charged with public nudity for doing so


troll ..................................................................


Sorry dude, indecent exposure is a federal offense.