Can you take a boat and live on the ocean, where technically nobody owns it and nobody can stop you from living on a boat in the ocean?



Sure, but you'll need to call in to land occasionally for water, food, diesel fuel etc unless you have a person-powered salt water filtration system and like eating fish, a high salt diet and scurvy.


Yes. But where would you get water? Food? Tickets to the Knicks?


Yes IF you can sail, navigate, read the weather, live on fish alone, catch or distill all your drinking water, make ALL repairs to your vessel without paying for anything. You can live the rest of your life afloat. It will probably be fairly short


Yes but you will need armed security as real pirates do exist.


You can, but you're going to be in life-threatening trouble on a regular basis. What are you doing for food? Fresh water? Oh, you're boating to shore and buying them? Great. Where's the money coming from?

Bubba Gubbins



Yes, in international waters. A couple on a sailing honeymoon lived 60 days like this after their boat was rammed and split. They used plastic sheeting to catch dew for fresh water, used a safety pin and line to catch fish; threw the fish to gulls and caught them for food. Still, Miserable. When rescued, emaciated and badly sunburned (English.)


Sure, but you'd probably get bored pretty quick, plus you'd have to worry about food and fresh water.


King Neptune rules the oceans, and he collects his taxes. You will need to find a port where you can repair the damage done by wind and wave, and buy much-needed supplies. There is no escape from Neptune. On the other hand, it will be one hell of an adventure, especially if you decide to go strictly by sail instead of power.


Nobody can stop you except for pirates, and countries that control their surrounding waters.


Yes... and in fact a few groups have outright considered creating their own society on the ocean where they would be exempt from all laws. Hell, L. Ron Hubbard did it for a long, long while.


Was on a geophysical vessel off South America coast about 48 years ago. After 20 days out, no really fresh water left in the tanks, and food was pretty short too. The last night I went to bed thirsty. When I woke up, we were in Port of Spain, Trinidad and the ship chandlers had brought supplies into the mess. I found a box of Washington State huge apples, still very cool. I ate 3 right away--just wonderful. And that was on a quality motor vessel with a crew of 12 and a Navy Reserves captain. Also 14 science staff, lots of electronics for navigation, huge diesel engines. Great weather and no pirates back then. Do you think you could make out nearly as well as I did? Doubtful.


no one can stop you from sailing the ocean and living on a boat as long as the craft is sea worthy and has the proper safety equipment. you can't stay at sea forever, eventually you will need to go to a port for supplies, fuel and repairs.


you can


Yes However you might have trouble trying to make a port visit in some countries if you don't have proper authority.