Help with getting rid of a boat with no title?

My father sold a boat to a woman who used to live near us. He was kind enough to park it up at a private farm and make the payment for rent as long as she paid him the money. Four months ago, she left the United States after her house was taken by the bank, and now my father is essentially paying rent out-of-pocket for a boat that isn't his. When the woman left, she took the title of the boat with her. Contact with her is nigh impossible; he's been trying to get a message to the woman through her son, but it is suspected he is lying when he says he can't. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of the boat that isn't, well, illegal? My father doesn't want to straight up abandon the boat. We are in NJ and we can't donate the boat without the title, so we are out of luck here.


Just stop paying rent to the storage facility. THEY will take possession of the boat and deal with legal disposal.


Tell dad to just stop making the rent payments if the boat is nothing to do with him. The landowner can follow up with the woman and either get the boat removed of commence action to get it disposed of legally.


Stop paying rent. It will then become the farm's problem.

retired old sarge

Its not your dads legal responsibility to make payments on it. Just stop paying and the place where it is stored can file a lean on it and get a new title issued to them.


If her son is In the USA then the cost of storage for his mother's boat is down to him not you! And his responsibility to recover the money from her! Oh and I should add your father sold the boat so it is not yours, therefore, you can not legally dispose of it. as ownership passes to son in her absence.

G. Whilikers

If she's not paying for the storage, I think something in the vein of the process a storage facility uses to kick out a tenant for non-payment, will break that open and you can auction the boat to recover your costs. The lawyer you're going to ask to draw up the paperwork may have a better idea.

Bubba Gubbins

Leave it in the nearest Wally-world parking lot.


A match and a gallon of gas. Although obviously, I would not advocate you doing this as it would be illegal, it would get rid of the boat.