Small sailboat, for a few thousand bucks? May be becoming a blow boater?

Looking to train a son in sailing, and want something challenging enough we won't outgrow too fast. Still has to be trailerable less than 2K pounds, 15 to 17 feet, or so, a centerboard, with a spinaker, trailerable, with more than a footwell, for two, maybe 3. So Laser, Sunfishes to small but saw Boston Whaler 4.3. and 5.2, hard chine looked dry, lot of space, good daysailer. small 2hp kicker Any suggestions


Dont know where you are or what is available in your area. Suggest you take a look at local yacht clubs & see what's popular near you.. Dont write off beach cats - depending on your son's age & attitude the additional adrenaline of flying a hull, capsizing at speed may get him hooked on sailing better. Many beach cats are sold when a family is started.


phase 2




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