2006 Infiniti m35 for $4,000 with 121k miles. Kelly blue book says it’s about 5-7k private party?

Is a used car dealer considered a private party ? And is this a good deal ? Grant it the car is used and do have a few flaws


You better get a mechanic to check it out, something's not quite right.


Could be too good to be true. Alot of used car dealers get cars cheap at auctions and then sell them for profit.

A Hunch

A used car dealer is not a private party When I run the numbers the private party price on a '06 Infiniti M35 is $4435. I would question why this one is significantly less than deal pricing.


A used car dealer is not considered a private party


A used car dealer is not a private party. Chances are that the timing chains are bad and the cam advance actuators are throwing codes due to not changing the oil often enough. The used care salesmen erase the codes and it takes 3 key cycles to set the codes again and by that time you already are stuck with it. Just about every used car salesman I've worked with erases the codes so the repairs don't come out of their commission check.