Can you re-finance a car thats worth less that the remaining of the loan?



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YES, you can take a HELOC or home equity line of credit that will have a lower rate and be securitized by your home. Your mortgage company will be more than happy to help.


It would depend on the policies and criteria of the bank or finance company. One company may choose to only allow an amount not to exceed 90% of the cars value, while another company might allow 100%, and yet another might allow up to 110%. However, expect to pay higher interest rates for the higher loan-to-value amounts.


That would depend on the finance company/bank

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Even if you could, I wouldn't.


Not usually.


Generally speaking, no. Finance companies won't lend more than a vehicle is worth. It will require cash or collateral to make up the difference.


would loan money on collateral that is worth less than the your loan....think about it for a minute -the answer should be very clear. Yes- at an exorbitant interest rate paid up front (before principle) and the promise of your first born son. No - almost any other terms.


No. There would be no security for the loan.


If the car meets lending criteria I.e. market value of car normally needs to be maximum 10% of borrowed amount