is front wheel drive good in snow and winter weather? I've only ever had 4 wheel drive however I'm looking at a new vehicle and it's a front wheel drive. Someone told me AWD is better than FWD and others have said FWD is ok. I honestly have no idea. I live in the midwest so we get brutal winters sometimes. I just don't want to buy a car and not be able to get around in winter if we get a snow storm. (I know it all depends on how you drive also.)


Simply put. FWD is better than RWD but 4WD is the best for traction in snow, sand, or mud.


all wheel drive is probably better. If it does not snow very often you may get away with just front wheel drive, if you can put snow chains on it. make sure there is enough clearance between the fender and the tire to fit snow chains


4 wheel drive is typically predominantly rear wheel drive and has a set of low gears. All wheel drive is usually predominately front wheel drive with no set of low gears and much less ground clearance. If you need to drive thru deep soft snow get 4wd to be sure


If you know how to drive, you don't care if RWD, FWD, or AWD. -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABcckOTVqao -- But if you are a pitiful driver, in snow RWD is good, FWD is better, AWD is best.


Some cars have 'smart' 4 wheel drive. They use FWD in normal conditions but automatically engage the rear wheels too when traction is starting to be lost at the front. Or some have the option to select AWD. regerugged has the first kind of car.


Buy a vehicle that has front wheel drive and four wheel drive. My Nissan Pathfinder has an automatic setting. It normally works in front wheel drive and awd only kicks in when needed. It also has a low range setting. It stays in awd when on, and use a lot of first gear. I never had a problem getting around.