How does leasing a car work?

I just turned 18 and saw a car that I liked, it cost 8,499 and it’s used so how would leasing it work? I know it’s kinda like renting but I wanna know is would this help my credit get started and eventually would I be able to buy this car? Also does the monthly payment help the price of the car go down for when I buy it like example if I have the car for 4 months and the payment we’re like 250 a month would the car price go down to 7,499? PLEASE HELP IM CONFUSED AND DONT WANNA MESS UP ANYTHING


You wouldn't be able to lease this car. You lease a brand new car, not a used one. There are very few 18 year olds that would qualify to lease a car anyway.


You can't lease used cars. Do online research on how to buy a car. You have a lot to learn. Knowing as little as you do now will only result in making a terrible mistake.


Payments are financing, not leasing. Financing requires good credit, a full time job and income over $1800 a month. Leasing is for new cars only and requires Better credit. Some scammy buy here pay here dealers call it leasing, you should not ever do business with these parasites. They do it because most of their customers never pay off their cars and it helps them pay less sales tax. Many do not report on your credit or only report when you are late or have a repo. If they have signs up saying we finance everyone, you should avoid them total ripoffs. They sell $2000 cars for $7500 with $1000 down. Plus interest. It takes years to build good enough credit to finance a car. You can start with a discover secured card.


Used cars are NOT leased. They are bought. And unless you have a proof of income and a credit history, good luck.


It's basically a long term rental. It's a really really and I mean really bad deal on your end. You are honestly better off setting your money on fire.


think of it as a long-term rental ..............


nt nailed it. Some "buy here, pay here" dealers have thrown "leasing" out there as a way to draw in folks with terrible credit, thinking they'll get some high-end car out of the mix. It's really just a win-win for the dealer.