How much money should I expect to get from selling my 2005 Ford Fivehundred without a transmission?

I’ve been trying to sell my car for a while, and I had a guy offer $350 for it as his final offer. That’s a lot less than I was hoping to get out of it, but I also haven’t received many offers. On the other hand, I could sell it to a junk yard/ junk car company, and possibly get more money out of it. Half of me is wanting to be nice and sell it to the guy because he really wants it, but the other half is telling me to try junk yards for more money. What should I do

Obi Wan Knievel

With no tranny, it's worth its weight in scrap. You might get up to $400 for it, but that's a really big maybe. A car is always worth more to its owner than it is to anyone else, always. A car that doesn't run isn't worth much to anybody.


You screwed up not taking the 350


Buyers want a car that actually runs and that they can test drive. A vehicle without a transmission is only good for parts and the only buyers are those few that actually want/need those particular parts. You should have accepted the $350. You may not get a better offer.


$350 is a good price. $200 better that most junkyards will give for your POS.


What makes you think a junk yard is going to give you any more money? The car is garbage! DUMP IT NOW!


You should have taken the $350. Not likely a junk yard will give you much if any more than that. Something you can do and may be better for you would be to donate the car (Goodwill, etc.) and write the car off on your taxes.


junkyard depends on what the price of scrap is going for at that moment. should of taken that 350. three weeks ago junked my wife's old 05 Santa Fe they only gave us 100 bucks for it and only problem with that was the New England rust that killed the body. but you're not going to get much more than 500 trying to sell it. unless you want to sell parts of it


Any non running car is only worth what someone will pay you fr it. $300-400 sounds about right. They are going to have to tow it away. I don't think a junkyard is going to give much more for it and maybe less.


Auto salvage yards(auto wreckers or junk yards)same,name for same place usually give about 100 as that is the going rate for scrap metal. No transmission means the buyer can not check out the rear end or if the car drives straight, so he is taking a gamble.$350 is all you can expect for a non runner. Then he has to pay for a tow truck to haul it out from your place. That is extra cost.


Get the highest bid from several junk yards and show it to that guy and if he wants it he can buy it for that amount.


Go for where the most money is.


Maybe a few hundred for parts.

Robert M

WHat is WRONG with your TRANSMISSION! The FORD units are the LONGESTS lasting of mosgt cause gthey use genuine ZF German trannies in most of theire LATER model cars! The FORD has a VERY EFFICIENT power trains and GREAT renewable WARRANTY!. ANY car that does NOT run will get very little in CASH or TRADE! There is a GOOD CHANCE that your isse iws really a COMPUTER Program or that you need a TRANS Service! The ONLY thing I can imagine is that you had a SERIOUS underbody accident and SMASHED the TRANS PAN or HOUSING!. FORDS cars usually LAST a VERY LONG TIME! Get it towed SOMEWHERE and have the TRANS looked at before you jump to conclusions! BYE for NOW. IF it si TRUE that your TRANS is bad, go to and get a good low mileage USED ONE for it! You wil REGAIN calue this way! GOOD LUCK always!