Totaled my vehicle. I have insurance question?

Okay the body shop where my truck is currently wanting to buy my truck for salvage price. I dont really wanna sell it to them for that because it has a custom color and i dont want anyone else to have it to fix and drive. If i let insurance company have it would the body shop be able to buy it from them?


then ask your insurance agent Monday morning


Yes, the shop could easily purchase the truck from the insurance company. You could also buy it back from the insurance company but if you don't have it fixed, which is going to be very costly, then it's going to an expensive way to simply keep it out of the hands of other people.


The insurance pays the lender off, or you if it is owned outright. Then the insurance company owns it. You can buy it back and repair or they will sell it off.


If your insurer writes off your vehicle then they will sell the wreck. Either at auction, or to a scrapyard. But it’s their cholce. If you want to control what happens to your wreck then you can tell your insurer that you wish to buy the salvage: they will work out the salvage value based upon loads of experience and will then deduct that value from whatever they pay you in settlement. The only exception to that in some countries is that some severely damaged wrecks must by law be sent to be crushed, and some less severely damaged wrecks still cannot be legally repaired for road use but may be stripped for parts.


If the insurance pays you for it, they can sell it to whoever they want. Maybe even you.




Once a body shop Salvages a car - there is NOTHING left and legally, they can NOT sell it.