What are the benefits of purchasing a used car instead of a new car?



Generally, the primary benefit of buying a used car is that it is less expensive than buying the same or a similar car brand new. However, with the lower price comes an element of risk that there may be unforeseen problems and costs. Additionally, used cars are usually sold "as-is" without warranty unless there is remaining manufacturing warranty. Furthermore, you may not be getting the latest technology and safety features.

Been There, Done That.

Money savings mostly, but there are sometimes problems associated with used cars also, and they usually don't come with a warranty. Buying one of those after market warranties is a waste of money most of the time.


The main benefit is it saves a *lot* of money. An overlooked benefit is that you can research reliability of used cars. When you see reliability studies, remember they are looking at cars that are used... some for only a few days, some for a few years, but all of them are now used and will sell for used car prices. Nobody has any idea how well that model year on the showroom floor will hold up. In 1998 people saw the really nice reliability figures for the 1997 Honda Accord and 401,071 Americans went to dealers to buy the 1998 Accord. None of them knew it had the first year of the Great Honda Automatic Transmission debacle - that their transmission (especially if they opted for the six cylinder engine) would have one of the highest failure rates in automotive history, and that their car would be six years old before Honda figured out what to do about it.


Cheaper, no extra fees, insurance will be cheaper.


You don't take the huge hit in depreciation that all new cars get.


Pricing,Insurance and payments usually cheaper.And you still get a nice and reliable car.


They generally cost less.. Any manufacturing bugs would be ironed out.