What are the pros and cons of buying a 2011 Jeep Liberty RWD?

Im thinking to buy a Jeep Liberty with 160k miles, but i expected it to be 4WD, never heared of a RWD Jeep. What are the pros and cons of a RWD ? Could the car with 160k miles turn into a money pit ? What should i look for when buying such cars ?


read forums on jeep reliability and that is one make to steer clear from all jeeps are rear wheel drive with the front wheels driving when wheel drive is selected check that there is not a transfer box problem and the seller is being cute


I’ve got a RWD Jeep Grand Cherokee with 350k miles on it. It is a transport vehicle not an off road vehicle. The pro would be better fuel mileage, the con is it’s not meant for off roaming.


If you want to get stuck often a RWD liberty is just the right thing.


The only reason to buy a Liberty, that I can think of., is because you want a 4WD vehicle. I owned a 4WD Liberty for that reason. The seats in the Liberty are uncomfortable, the legroom sucks and the gas mileage is poor. The only thing it has going for it is the 4WD option.


they are good cars, but only rear-wheel drive ???


High mileage will mean problems but depending on the price, maybe it's worth it to you. Not to me.