Why dont car dealers sell new cars for set prices like any store?

I hate negotiating for anything in regular stores negotiating isn’t even allowed, it should be the same with cars imo

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Some dealers do. You will have to research them in your area. Or you can purchase a car through a program that has a pre-set price like Costco, AAA, or your credit union.


You don't HAVE to negotiate, if it bothers you so much. Just pay sticker price.


Some do it now (CarMax, for example) and some have tried it in the past (Saturn, for example) but most customers feel if they don't negotiate, they don't get the best price, even if the dealer has set prices. Dealers actually encourage it by their advertising ("we'll beat any other offer", "make us a deal"). It's the way it's always been done, and the way it'll always be done.


In many Asian countries they do. Price is the price. Some times when new models are coming out. They will put a car or 2 out front a little cheaper. Same with remanufactured vehicles. They can have 10 all the same but color. Same price. They will not come down. Bought the wife a new motorcycle. Year old model new. Saved $40 of the old price. When they came down for year end clearance. Same as a store that wants to move something of the shelf.

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Negotiations can happen in any store. Many don't but some do when you buy expensive stuff. Also the store across the mall has the exact same piece for less advertised money.


Many advertise it. But their set prices are too high and you can usually do better negotiating. But, you'd be better off finding a private party and negotiating with them too.


You don't barter in stores when you go shopping? You sound like a dummy.


Because you don't buy things in stores that cost tens of thousands.


Some do. I just bought one with no negotiating required. The price (lower thsn MSRP|) was set, the dealer incentive was applied, the manufacturers incentive was applied, and that was that.


Tradition. Some find buying cars this way difficult. But if you look up what the dealer paid for the new car, then you can make an offer that gives the dealer a slight profit. If not accepted, you move on to another dealer. Look at this... http://www.realcartips.com/newcars/029-car-dealers-true-cost.shtml

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Negotiating is allowed in almost any store. Your ignorance is costing you money.