1988 Mazda w/ kenwood radio. connected sub from old car. radio not turning on at all. disconnected sub. same issue what did i knock loose?



Pull the radio and wire it directly to the battery. If it does not turn on, the radio is fried. If it does, check for power and ground at the connector with the key on ACC or ON.


How in the HELL would you expect anyone on an Internet forum to know THAT? If you're not smart enough to figure it out for yourself, take your car to a REAL mechanic who CAN troubleshoot and find the cause of your problem.

Pilsner Man

How would we know what you scrogged up? Maybe it blew a fuse or pulled a wire loose. I can't see it from my laptop. Take the unit apart and check for a blown fuse inside. If you have 12V and ground to the unit, it has to be something inside, less-than-epic. Does this head unit have a subwoofer speaker output, or are they preamp outputs to the woofer amp? Did you try to hook up the amp to come on with the radio power?

don r

You checked fuses but you did not check the one you blew out. Take a breath and slow down. Maybe tomorrow you'll be able to see a little clearer. Turn other things on to check if anything else doesn't work. That will give you another clue about which circuit died.

Epic Baller

yall are ******* i asked what specifically would you recommend looking at. Obviously I already checked the power to the radio and everything is looking connected. It's not the fuse as that has already been checked, just hoping for a direction. *****